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Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA)

  • 128-Bit Encryption

  • Any Emailed Form/Report

  • Customers, Vendor, & Employees

  • Recipient-by-Recipient Basis

    • Tied to Contact Record

    • Cell Phone/Email Address

  • Easy to Setup

  • Matching Email/Text ID Assigned

Liaison Software Corporation has implemented two-factor authentication capabilities in the latest software update for Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS. The main feature of this update was to enable two-factor authentication options when sending or receiving sensitive documents (invoices, paystubs, tax forms, etc.).


With Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS employees, customers, and vendors can receive their documents digitally secured by two-factor authentication and 128-bit encryption.

In the showcased example; Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS allows you to enable (2-FA) on a recipient-by-recipient basis. 

Simply provide their mobile phone number, cellular carrier, then check the two-factor authentication box to enable the feature. 


Meaning, only recipients who want or request, that their documents be delivered in this manner, are.

Therefore, you can still batch process your documents through Liaison Messenger EDD.


However, any recipient that  requests 2-FA will receive a Text message with a temporary one-time use Password for the document they just received.

To help the recipient manage their various received Documents and Passwords; both, the email and text message will have a unique matching 2-FA ID.


Now, the recipient simply has to enter the unique password contained in their Text/SMS message and the file opens.

Even in a worst-case scenario like someone hacking their email or you simply forgot to sign out of a public access PCs,  the attached documents remain secure.

That's Two-Factor Authentication and its available with:

Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS.

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