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Liaison Messenger EDD

Case Studies

As stated, this customer had a need to efficiently distribute Invoices created in

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Work Orders from KEY2ACT.  They needed to email Work Orders to

the service technicians who were generally on the road and in remote locations.  The requirement was a little

complicated in that they also needed to attach a copy (of that same original Work Order) to the Invoice, once the job was completed.

Adding to the complexity of this manual process, and being their customers varying level of technical capabilities, some Invoices needed to be sent via email, others by fax, and the rest printed and mailed via the postal service.  However, regardless of the method of distribution the Work Orders MUST accompany the Invoice.  

As you could see, this was a manual-paperwork nightmare; but, with Liaison Messenger EDD and a pair of EDD scripts created by their IT Department, those tasks became trivial.  Now, when an employee prints the Work Order from KEY2ACT, they simply choose the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver which sends the print stream to their (in-house) Messenger EDD Server. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP and KEY2ACT Power-User's Automation Solution

A well established 40 year-old Canadian company in Sarnia Ontario, Canada with branch offices in Brantford and London had a need to automate the distribution of Work Orders to outside technicians and either email, fax or print and mail Invoices with a copy of the original Work Order. This power-user of Microsoft Dynamics GP and KEY2ACT turned to Liaison Messenger EDD to fulfill their unique Outbound Document Management requirements.

The Work Orders are then sent via Email to the respective service technician and a copy is automatically saved in a PDF format and archived in a designated location using a user-defined file naming convention that the Messenger EDD Invoice processing script will use later. Once the Work Order is completed, the billing department converts the order into an Invoice within Microsoft Dynamics GP and prints; again to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver.

The Messenger EDD Server receives and intelligently parses the Invoice print stream, reads the Customer Master file of each customer for each invoice, retrieves the preferred method of sending the document as well as the applicable Email address or Fax Number.

Using Liaison Messenger's EDD unique, user-defined Document Assembly procedure, produces a copy of the original Work Order and binds it to the Customer's copy of the Invoice. Then following the EDD Script will automatically either Email and/or Fax the assembled Invoice-Work Order to the customer, or print in a collated manner the assembled documents for ease of Mailing.

As an added bonus, Liaison Messenger EDD was able to send ALL assembled Invoices to a customer in one PDF in a single Email, as opposed to an individual Email for every single Invoice.  However, Messenger EDD could have sent it that way also, if desired.

All this was accomplished simply by printing to our printer driver. The complexity and distribution takes place on the Messenger EDD server without any user intervention...

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