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Batch email and batch fax Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Orders, PO's, EFT Remittances, and Direct Deposit Notices
from any ERP solution!
Liaison Messenger EDD integrates seamlessly into your accounting system.
Let Liaison Messenger transition your company from pulp to pixel for a true digital workflow experience. Liaison Messenger EDD is so simple to use because all you do is select our virtual printer driver. Liaison Messenger combines the most powerful Workflow Automation and Output Management functions into the best document delivery server available for any ERP solution.
Simply print your forms and reports to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver. The entire output is captured and instantly processed by the Liaison Messenger EDD Server. Email, fax, print, archive, FTP, attach, and distribute forms, reports, and disk-based files automatically. The best part is all the email addresses, fax numbers, and routing information is found in your accounting system eliminating double entry.

If you can print it, you can EDD it...

Powerful and scalable; Liaison Messenger EDD runs on every Microsoft Windows Desktop or Server edition, Local or Remote in the cloud, and it can be run as an easily accessible server console application or as a Windows Service.

Check out this video about Messenger EDD's variable attachment feature. For more videos click here.

Check out our new interactive whitepapers, highlighting many of Liaison Messenger EDD's exciting features

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Add click or scan

QR codes to forms & reports 

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Emailing threshold limits with Office 365

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EDD + Option

Workflow Automation Features: Faxing, Emailing,File Attachments, and Print Routing from any ERP solution

Batch Emailing: 

In one word; Flexible. Let's say you process multiple invoices for the same customer. Liaison Messenger EDD can combine them into a single PDF and email it, or combine the invoices into a single email but attached as individual invoices, or simply send one invoice per email. You set the rules and Liaison Messenger delivers.

Batch Faxing: 

Messenger EDD can batch fax invoices, purchase orders, quotes, international custom's documents or any other form grouped by the customer or vendor's fax number for single-dialing Fax Transmittal.

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Attachments - Include supporting documents

One of the strongest features you will only find in Liaison Messenger EDD are rules-driven file attachments. 

Variable Attachments: 

Liaison Messenger EDD also allows you to create different file attachments based upon the changing data in within your documents. Establish rules using wildcards, item keys, and document numbers to include files like; MSDS with invoices or packing slips. Maybe credit applications with new customer letters. Perhaps QA results with shop floor travelers, Liaison Messenger EDD can deliver… you just determine the criteria.

Auto-attach past-due invoices to emailed

AR Statements

Liaison Messenger EDD can automatically
attach every outstanding invoice that appears

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on the AR statement. And it’s simple. Generate and Print your AR Statements as you always have, but direct the output to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver. Liaison Messenger EDD Server does the rest.

Static Attachments:

Create rules to automatically include standard supporting documents, excel files, installation instructions, credit applications etc. Include product newsletters with invoices, Terms and Conditions with purchase orders or updated price lists every quarter.

Archiving of documents

Automatically archive documents run though Messenger EDD. These archived documents can be manually retrieved at a later date or used for attaching to other documents through the document assembly option.

  • Use data captured from the report to name PDFs archived.


Advanced Routing:

Liaison Messenger EDD can simultaneously print to multiple printers, send documents via email, fax, or FTP. Either individually or batched run. You can set a rules-based routing policies for every type of document, for each recipient (external or internal) and, to any location. Including Cloud-Based Storage.

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Messenger EDD works with any ERP solution. If yours isn't listed call us at 800.811.4618!

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