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Liaison Collector monitors your aged receivables, 24/7:

  • Auto email/fax AR Statements

  • Set individual aging parameters

    • by customer​, amount past-due

  • Install, Configure, set and forget

  • Reads contact information directly

  • Add Liaison Messenger EDD

    • Auto attach all past-due​ invoices with AR Statement

Liaison Collector Feature Video

Liaison Collector is an automated Collections Manager that automatically sends AR Statements the day your customer(s) become past-due.  

With an impressive set of options, you can configure Liaison Collector to run an Aging every day/evening, identify past due clients, or specific aging criteria, then email or fax them their AR Statement. 

Additionally, Liaison Collector can re-send updated AR Statements every X days/weeks until the respective customer(s) brings their balance, current.

The best feature of Liaison Collector is that it runs unattended. No user intervention is required.  Just install it, schedule the intervals, and start shrinking your aged receivables.

As any AR employee knows, sometimes a customer just needs a passive reminder to pay. Liaison Collector is that passive (yet persistent) Reminder...

Collector screen 021920.gif

Liaison Messenger EDD

Add Liaison Messenger EDD to Liaison Collector and your customers will also get a copy of their unpaid invoice attached to the AR statement; bookmarked on the left. Now, you'll never have to hear...

"I don't think we ever got that invoice, can you resend it????"

Watch our video to see how it works

Screenshot of invoices with stmts.jpg

Unpaid Invoices

are now included

with Statement

Liaison Messenger EDD with Liaison Collector Feature Video

Liaison Collector works with the following ERP packages. If yours isn't listed call us at 800.811.4618!

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