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Liaison Messenger EFT-AP EFT vendor notices 
(Accounts Payable Remittances)

Batch email and batch fax EFT Remittances

Liaison Messenger EFT-AP (Accounts Payable) is a special edition of Liaison Messenger EDD and FORM used for emailing remittances directly to Vendors.  All functionality of Liaison Messenger EDD/FORM standard is included (i.e., Emailing, Faxing, Archiving, Multi-Printer Routings, Encryption, etc).

If you wish to upgrade to the full Liaison Messenger EDD, product at a later date, installation is a 30 second breeze as it uses your current setup. 

Automatically email remittance or fax remittance notifications (Accounts Payables) directly to vendors.  Messenger EFT-AP even maintains each vendor’s preferred method for receiving their remittance notice, it's file  type and format, even a password with true 128bit encryption.  

Liaison Messenger EFT-AP is practically invisible to the end user, generate your EFT-AP ACH file as you always have; except, simply select the Liaison Messenger EDD print driver for output. Installation wizards for all products from Sage PFW, AccPac, Sage 300, Sage 100, MAS90, MAS200, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV are included.

Of course, any payables system that uses Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services, the Dexterity Report Writer, or any modifiable report or form's designer can be enhanced to email remittances as well as fax remittances with Liaison Messenger EFT-AP.  Liaison Messenger EFT-AP is the easiest method to begin electronic document delivery to your accounts payable environment.

If you can print it, you can EDD it...

Key Features and Benefits
Messenger EFT-AP (AP Remittances) adds true workflow - printing, emailing and archiving to your payables remittance distribution process with no additional hardware or user intervention.

  1. Generate and Distribute secure AP Remittance notices via email, send via fax, print to a local or remote Printer, or upload to an ftp site. 

  2. Liaison Messenger EFT-AP is 100% software driven. So deployment and maintenance is simple, inexpensive and portable.

  3. Auto-archive password protected AP Remittance Notices paid via EFT.

  4. Easily retrieve archived, password protected, AP Remittance Notices.

  5. Attach supporting documents - static and variable.

Liaison Messenger EFT will eliminate

  1. Hours of manually creating unsecured PDF Files for distribution

  2. The tedious process of manually creating Emails, Attaching, and finally sending unsecured AP Remittance Notifications.

  3. Folding, stuffing, sealing envelopes, postage, and/or manual hand delivery of AP Remittance Notifications.

  4. Between $ 0.50-0.80 of cost per EFT AP Remittance Notification per Vendor per Payables run.


Liaison Messenger EFT- AP Remittance Workflow Example
You can easily add, modify and remove any routing method imaginable for any form or report. The screen you see is that of the Liaison Messenger Server's Automation Rules and Resources screen and runs on the server.


There are no external programs or different screens to learn at the user's workstation, the end-users only interaction will simply be printing to the Liaison Messenger EDD print driver when Processing EFT AP Payment Notices.

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  1. In this actual example of an EFT-AP Notice for Microsoft Dynamics AX and will run On-Demand.

  2. The end-user will print EFT Payment Notices from Dynamics AX and simply select the Liaison Messenger EDD printer.

  3. Once printed by the end-user, the output is routed to the Messenger EDD server and the content is identified as belonging to the script and performs the following scenario.

  4. Messenger EFT-AP bursts/separates the output by Document ID.

  5. It will then look at each vendor's stored preference in Liaison Messenger's linked vendor table.

  6. Depending on how the vendor is setup, the Payment Notice will either by Emailed or Faxed to each Respective Vendor. If neither method was setup. the Payment Notices will be sent to the HP LaserJet 4050 for mail by postal service.

  7. All routing data, Email addresses, Fax Numbers, etc are read directly from the Dynamics AX system.

  8. Finally, a Copy is archived in a secure area on the network, a local drive, even transmitted to a secure Off-Site location via ftp (PLUS option required for ftp).

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