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Liaison Messenger EDD

Case Studies

Streamline Retrieving Supporting Documents to be Printed in House SAVES TIME!

CHALLENGE:     A client in the mid-west requires their warehouse manager (WM) to inspect each item received before it is accepted. To accomplish this they have an inbound inspection report for each item received. Previously the WM would perform the time consuming task of manually reviewing every item on the PO, retrieving and then printing each applicable inbound inspection report.


SOLUTION:     With the implementation of Liaison Messenger EDD and its variable attachment feature this task is completely automated. At the time the

PO is printed Messenger EDD not only emails the PO to the vendor it also reviews the vendor

and items listed on the PO, retrieves the applicable inbound inspection reports and prints them to the warehouse

printer along with the Purchase Order.


The warehouse PO could also be archived together with applicable inspection reports and then printed at the time the delivery is received.

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