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Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS

Case Studies

Automated Task Schedulers for Human Resource


Customer wanted to automatically send 401K Enrollment Forms to all employees

who've reached their one year anniversary.  The Human Resource manager

created a form-fill PDF file that is used to capture the data of employees who wish

to join the company's retirement plan.

By law, since the company provides a 401K, they must offer it to all employees

upon their 1 year anniversary of employment per their Plans By-Laws.


Liaison Messenger EDD handles this requirement with ease.

First thing was to clone the standard Employee Recipient List from their employee master file.  

Then, we created a filter on the recipient list script which filtered out any employee who was not within 1 year and  week of their Start Date.  Of course, you could set the date parameters to anything you want, maybe 30 days before their anniversary date. 

This script will also automatically refresh EVERY time the Script runs (every Sunday), so it will only include those newly identified one year employees.

The next step is to create a script which will name 401K Enrollment Forms.  We set to run Sunday at midnight (By default) you could also set it to run at any other time if desired.  It will run every 7 days.

This is a simple 1 Line script. It will send a PDF file to the respective employees who meet the anniversary date criteria.

In Summary, Liaison Messenger will automatically send 401K Enrollment Forms, every Sunday at midnight, to those employees who meet their 1 year anniversary that week. No further user intervention or printing or remembering to send, is needed.  The company is now assured of staying compliant to the law as it applies to their 401K Plan Employer Requirements by-laws.

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