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Jeff at Lucent Health said:

"Think it's great"

"Game changer"

"Huge timesaver"

"Liaison Messenger EDD is very flexible and has worked great for us. Technical Support has also been fantastic. I always receive an answer to my questions within 1-2 hours if not immediately. Couldn't ask for better support."

- Joanne Millman

  IT Department 

  Damar Security Systems

"...I am writing this letter to let you know how extremely happy and pleased we are with the performance of your software product. The support that your company has given to OCC has also has been a refreshing change. I find as a business owner all to often, we only hear from individuals or companies of their dissatisfaction of the products or services. However, in this case, I would like to let you know that your company and its products have provided just the opposite. Incorporating Liaison software has improved our communications with our customer’s and also helped reduced our overhead for both administrative and sales staff..."

- Pam Hintermeyer

  Orange County          Components

“When we purchased Liasion Software, it was a nice add-on for GP. Now it’s become an essential part of our business.”


“I wish I could calculate the amount of money it’s saved us over the past decade. I know it’s enormous.”


“I like that Liasion is a hands-off system. Once I set it up, it runs flawlessly and I don’t have to think too much about it. If there are any issues, Liaison has the best support I’ve ever experienced. They are quick to respond and help us through anything until its resolved.”

- Trevor Stumpf

   GP Administrator

   Jackson Healthcare

"Landmark Title Agency, Inc. has been associated with Liaison for a number of years.  The quality of the product and the service of the Technical Support team have been top notch.  We currently use Messenger to generate a high volume of orders to our vendors and it is extremely reliable to get the job done without any interruptions.  The Technical Support team is always responsive, knowledgeable and treats us with respect whenever we contact them.  Liaison Software has saved our company thousands of dollars, as well as sped up productivity with the job that it has been able to do for us.  Thank you everyone at Liaison, you’re hard work is appreciated!!"

- Tim Van Wie,

  VP of Operations,

  Landmark Title


“Metal Coatings Corp. has been utilizing Liaison Messenger for the emailing and faxing of our invoices for the past four years.  In all of that time, we have never had even one occurrence in which Messenger has not performed as expected.  The automation of the sending out of our invoices has decreased the labor time required to complete the task and has reduced the time for the invoices to reach our customers.

In addition to the timely and error free distribution of the invoices for Metal Coatings Corp., Messenger also notifies management when an inventory item has dropped below the par stock level by sending an email notification of the current amount in inventory for that item.  This feature provides an efficient method for management to closely monitor the inventory levels.  

At all times during the setup, implementation, and the institution of new processes that interact with Messenger, the technical support has always been timely and effective.”

- Kathy Swanson,

  Metal Coatings Corp

"We use Liaison Messenger to email all of our daily sales orders, invoices, pedigrees and monthly statements and are very satisfied. We have had to have several customizations to make our specialized requirements work and their responses are quick and accurate. If this is a product that you are considering, I would recommend Liaison (Software Corp)and Liaison Messenger to anyone considering it. It's very flexible and can be used in a variety of ways."

- Glenda Homan,

  PD-RX Pharmaceuticals

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