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Liaison Messenger EDD

Case Studies

The solution is rather basic.  Each month, the end-user wants to generate the company's Trial Balance, burst it by Department head and email it to the department manager.  As an added feature, the HR department wants an updated W-9, from each of the department's employees, every year.

Distribute Monthly Reports and

Conditional Attachments

Customer wants to distribute Monthly Trial Balance to Dept Managers and occasionally include an extra attachment .

A Liaison Messenger EDD Script was created with two action lines.  The first line

sends a copy of the Trial balance to the respective department manager for any monthly Trial Balance

that happens to fall in the months from February to December.  The second line will send a copy of the Trial Balance

to the respective department manager with the Year-End Trial Balance and also include a PDF file of a blank, form-fill W-9 form.  On this script, depending on the month the Trial Balance is being generated, either Line 1 or Line 2 will execute. Both, will never run at the same time. Following the screenshot is how that is accomplished.

To create the condition of which line to execute, a filter is added under the Output tab to the respective lines.  In the example for Line 2, if the system date is equal to 1 (January) then this action will execute.   Line 1 has an almost identical filter except reversed; any month NOT equal to 1.  This is a very simple and basic filter criterium. To be more accurate, we would actually parse the date that appears on the respective "Trial Balance" report, as opposed to the System Date as shown, but this will give you an idea of how filters can be used.

Alright, after we created the filter condition for Line 2 we select the Assembly tab. Here, we choose the W-9.pdf file from our ad-hoc master file library and assign it as an attached Static File, keep the Assembly method as; Separate (don't merge the W-9 with the trial balance report). This way the department manager will receive one email with 2 separate attachments; Trial Balance and also the W-9 to be passed out to his/her employees.

Now, when someone prints the Trial Balance Report to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver, the Messenger EDD server will receive the print stream and immediately burst the report by Department, render it as a PDF and email the respective portion of the Trial Balance Report to the specific Department Manager.

And, if the Trial Balance happens to fall in the month of January, a separate W-9 PDF file will be attached with specific instructions in the body of the Email (didn't cover that here but you can easily have custom email verbiage/templates by Line), saying to distribute and collect an updated W-9 for/from each employee within their department.  As you can see any report, form, file, process can be automated, piggy-backed, converted, conditionally filtered, routed etc. with ... Liaison Messenger EDD.

All this was accomplished simply by printing to our printer driver. The complexity and distribution takes place on the Messenger EDD server without any user intervention...

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