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Liaison Messenger FORM

Case Studies

Not-For-Profit corporation, operating child and adolescent residential treatment facilities, needed to automate the submission of State Medicare HCFA-1500 forms

Involves a private Not-For-Profit corporation Operating Child and Adolescent Residential Treatment Facilities and Therapeutic Foster Homes.  They wanted

to automate the process of generating and submitting the state-required Medicare HCFA-1500 form.

Their previous procedure was to enter the information into the standard

Invoicing module for reporting purposes. Then after printing an edit report followed by a

single part invoice, the information was then manually transposed onto an HCFA-1500 form. This process

took about 10 manual hours per week.


The solution was a little more difficult than by simply modifying the standard invoice template.  Each invoice is tied to medical services billed for each child on monthly basis.  There is an assigned caseworker for each child and each caseworker has state ID number that must be displayed on the HCFA-1500.  Other information required on the form was stored in other areas of the system that was not accessible through normal means.


They installed Messenger and had Liaison Software Corporation redesign the Invoice template using the built-forms design tool.  The output was to generate a state approved Medicare HCFA-1500 form.  We then used the salesperson table to maintain the names of the Caseworker.  The additional fields for other required data were also added to the HCFA-1500 form.  Messenger automatically links any table related to the customer, vendor, salesperson, location, and item keys and then allows easy placement on to the form using the built-in forms design tool. No understandings of indices, relations, joins, etc are needed.


Now, using the filtering capabilities within Messenger, we created a ply for each Salesperson key. Since the salesperson table had no room for the caseworkers state ID number, we simply stored the ID number in the Marginal Words field for that ply. Being that they have around 12 caseworkers it appears they now have 12-part invoice. However, since filtering is being used, the respective form (or ply) is only printed for that salesperson key (caseworker) if applicable.  The administrator can easily maintain the system when new caseworkers are added; it is simply handled as an additional or updated ply.


The longest part of the implementation was the Medicare HCFA-1500 copy and text changes, which took about 4 hours to type and proof.  The form; however, is now a part of the standard forms library in Messenger for anyone to use if needed.

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