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Liaison Messenger FORM

Case Studies

This company is a wholesale distributor specializing in golf & turf maintenance

products for export only; supplying equipment, OEM & aftermarket spare

parts. This also includes irrigation supplies, golf course accessories, turf

supplies, fertilizers and chemicals.

Wholesale distributor specializing in exporting golf & turf products; wanted to electronically and economically send Purchase Orders to overseas suppliers

They currently print Purchase Orders on pre-printed forms and then fax by-hand to their,

primarily overseas, vendors.This solution needed improvement and it was as easy as it gets with

Liaison Messenger

With long distance costs as they are and transmission quality using over-seas telephones as it was, faxing these orders, even directly from their system, was not a reliable solution.  Many times the quality of the PO's when received was unreadable and then needed to be resent or incorrect part numbers were interpreted. Therefore, they needed to somehow email their PO’s in a format any vendor, regardless of locale, could receive and read. However, they still wanted the option to fax PO's to those vendors in the US that did not want to receive POs via email.


Using the built-in global configuration tool, the administrator was able to set the preferred method of receiving (Emailed, Faxed, or Printed) for each vendor by Class ID, which was OVERSEAS vs. DOMESTIC for all vendors in less than a minute.


Each vendor was setup and configured including their existing email address and fax numbers linked directly to the Vendor Master file. Messenger identified those vendors that were missing any email and/or fax number to quickly focus attention to update the Master file for any missing information.


In summary, Messenger automatically routes the Vendor copy of the PO based upon their vendor’s preference. In this case overseas vendors received their copies via email in an Adobe PDF file where domestic vendors were still able to receive the POs via fax. The internal copies of the POs are still printed but they now are automatically printed to the respective department using blank paper.


Their Purchase Order process was improved by eliminating the faxing of POs to overseas vendors. This resulted in a reported savings of $600.00/month on long distance charges and replacing the process with emailed POs in an Acrobat PDF file. Automatic routing of Purchase Orders internally to respective departments. Eliminating the need for pre-printed Purchase Orders.

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