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Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS

Case Studies

SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports and

Microsoft Dynamics GP

A well established 40 year-old Canadian company in Sarnia Ontario, Canada with branch offices in Brantford and London had a need to automate the distribution of their SQL Reporting Services Reports, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Dynamics GP Dexterity Reports.


Liaison Messenger EDD gave them the flexibility to create Unattended

Scheduling, Common Recipient Lists, Distribution Groups, and Distribution methods for

the three primary Report Generation tools they use. Namely; Crystal Reports, SSRS (SQL Reporting Services),

and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Dexterity Report Writer.

Messenger EDD allowed them to create EDD Scripts which scheduled and launched: custom SQL Stored Procedures to pre-process the gathered data and then pass it as Parameters/Arguments to launch a myriad of Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Service reports designed in Report Manager.   

The biggest benefit to this was taking a single report, saved as a PDF by SSRS or Crystal Reports, and Liaison Messenger EDD's amazing ability to parse, split, regroup, and distribute these reports, by Recipient, without having to Re-Write the Report Template.

Instead of focusing on distributing each report, the designer could simply focus on the report and assign it to a pre-defined distribution method in Messenger EDD.  Any and all changes to the distribution, recipients, etc... can now be done within Dynamics GP or Liaison Messenger  WITHOUT having to alter the report template.

Additionally, Liaison Messenger has a flexible Report Scheduler with the ability to store, pass, daisy-chain fields and values and use these as arguments to your Crystal Reports or SSRS Reports for 100% Unattended Processing and Generation.  Schedule and Run repetitive reports, overnight, to free-up resources and have the output waiting in the email inbox of the intended recipients or even at their local printer before they even get in to the office..

This company also uses Liaison Messenger EDD for the distribution of Invoices created in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Work orders from KEY2ACT.  This solutions is talked about in greater detail under the Liaison Messenger EDD Solutions page.

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