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Liaison Messenger EDD PLUS

Case Studies

Taking advantage of the FTP upload feature

A growing number companies want their invoices and purchase orders uploaded immediately to their secure FTP site.  Each company would provide a user id, password, and their respective drop folder destination. Additionally, they need the flexibility to provide varying file formats unique their trading partners requirements (i.e., PDF, XLS, TIF, SDF, etc) and or any special naming convention per their specs.


This isn't so much a case study but rather a feature description highlighting how easy it is to answer the (File Transfer Protocol) needs of recipients (customers, vendors, etc ).

FTP Configuration:

As you can see in the screenshot to the right, pretty basic standard script.

Line 1: Send a copy of the Invoice to the customer via (email, fax, or printed and mailed) unless the PLUS option has been purchased. Then you can upload files, forms, reports via FTP directly to the recipients secure site.

Line 2: Does a standard archive to the designated folder or Document Management System.

Line 3: Sends a copy to the Salesperson of the account.

Its as easy as the screenshot to the left shows. From the Recipient list highlight the recipient and from the FTP tab enter the fields with the values the recipient provides.  That's it.  On the Output Options tab, you can create user-defined Naming Conventions, specify file types (i.e., PDF, XLS, SDF,TIF, etc) even append Date and/or Time stamps.  In addition, you can specify the Encryption option per the Recipient's requirements along with their Passphrase.

Liaison Messenger EDD gives you the tools to deliver or send files, forms, reports, documents in almost any format and delivery method possible.  And as each customer, vendor, employee, whomever may need different methods of delivery, converted file types, or naming conventions Messenger EDD can be configured to address those needs on a recipient-by-recipient, document-by-document basis and also automate the maintenance of the preference settings through Recipient List scripts.


Let Liaison Messenger EDD remember and perform the details...

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