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Ten key reasons your company should take a look at
Liaison Messenger EDD 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central

Besides batch email and batch faxing, here are the Top 10 reasons why your company should take a look at Liaison Messenger EDD for Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  1. Attach Variable attachments, some examples are:

    • All Invoices listed on Statement to Statement in one PDF

    • Call summary reports to Invoices

    • MSDS' to Invoices

    • Certificate of Analysis to Invoices (by item number and lot)

    • Vendor Invoices to a Print Batch edit report

    • Marketing documents by item number

  2. Attach static attachments, some examples are:

    • Terms & Conditions to Purchase Orders

    • Marketing documents

  3. Features related to emailing:

  4. Store document distribution preferences (email, print, and/or fax) by document

  5. Control naming convention of PDFs emailed to customers, vendors, etc. and archived.

  6. Print to user-specific printers. Automate to print to any printer on your network. No coding needed!

  7. Route forms and/or reports to salespeople, warehouses, territories, etc. all trigged from the initial print selection in Business Central

  8. No end user training. It's as simple as printing through your normal print procedures but now with Liaison's print driver and you are batch email, batch faxing, archiving, routing, attaching, etc.!

  9. Your client uses their existing Dynamics 365 Business Central reports, SSRS, Crystal Reports,...or Word templates.

  10. Trigger stored procedures, EXE and other forms/reports to run when printing a business form

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