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How Liaison Messenger EDD Works

Liaison Messenger EDD seamlessly integrates into any ERP or Accounting system. On Premise, In the Cloud, or SaaS.
Liaison Messenger EDD is so simple to use because you print from your ERP system the way you always.
Simply print your forms and reports to the Liaison Messenger EDD printer driver.
The entire output is captured and instantly processed by the Liaison Messenger EDD Server which run can as a Console App or as a Windows Service.
Email, fax, print, archive, FTP, attach, and distribute forms, reports, all you do is select our virtual printer driver.
Furthermore, Liaison Messenger EDD has recently added Two Factor Authentication. Make sure you check our short explainer video by following the link.
The best part is all the email addresses, fax numbers, and routing information is found in your accounting system eliminating double entry.
Call us TODAY for a brief 15 minute on-line demo and see how you can start saving, tomorrow!

Automated Document Attachment Demonstration

Liaison Messenger EDD allows you to easily and automatically attach or embed Static files like:

  • supporting documents

  • Images, Spreadsheets, and Drawing Files

  • installation instructions

  • Credit applications

  • Product newsletters

  • Terms and Conditions

But Liaison Messenger EDD goes even further letting you establish Variable attachment rules using wildcards, naming conventions, or data from the forms you're printing. 

And it doesn't matter if the files reside on disk, in the Cloud or stored in a SQL table/database.

Automated Document Attachment Demonstration

Liaison Messenger EDD can simultaneously print to multiple printers, send documents via email, fax, or FTP.

Since you print directly from your ERP system using your's native print documents window, Liaison Messenger EDD can process your forms ijn batch or individually.  However you work, that's Messenger EDD works.

Set a rules-based routing policies for every type of document, for each recipient (external or internal) and, to any location.

Electronically deliver Invoices, AR Statements, Quotes, Orders, PO's, EFT Remittances, and Direct Deposit Notices.

But don't stop at business forms. Liaison Messenger is great for distributing your standard financial reports; but, also Management Reports, PowerBI, and FRx.  

When we say "If you can Print it, you can EDD it..."; we mean it.


Emailing documents can be summed up in one word; Flexible.

Let's say you process multiple invoices for the same customer. Liaison Messenger EDD can combine them into a single PDF and email it, or combine the invoices into a single email but attached as individual invoices, or simply send one invoice per email. You set the rules and Liaison Messenger delivers.

We interface with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, SMTP, eSMTP, Gmail, Office 365, or any Standard MAPI. 

Additionally; Liaison Messenger has no 32/64 bit constraints and also incorporates the latest security requirements; support ever-evolving SSL and legacy TLS standards. 

Faxing uses built-in fax solutions but also internet faxing.

Electronic Document Distribution

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