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Liaison (VAR) Reseller Program

A major reason for Liaison Software Corporation's continued success over the years is directly related to the strong relationships we have established with our Value Added Resellers and our in-house product development and support departments. 

Liaison Software Corp has a reseller channel that covers the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. A key component to our on-going success depends on the growth of our VAR channel.

Common Interface many applications
Liaison Messenger EDD works the same way across every platform and every ERP or accounting system. The users simply print to our Liaison Messenger EDD Printer driver.  Become versed in one solution that can be easily incorporated across the products you already sell and support.

Above and beyond technical Support
A software solution is only as good as their Technical Support. Extremely knowledgeable, fast turnaround on support calls results in happy customers....and happy VARs. Liaison Software Corporations has one of the best Technical Support departments you will ever experience.

If you or your customers call for support? We answer or call you back that same day.  You send an email, we'll respond.  We do not outsource development nor do we outsource support.  You'll always talk to a Liaison Software Corporation employee.


For those reasons alone, we want you to focus on selling and maintaining your Client's ERP needs. When you have a customer with unique document delivery requirements; leave the support, installation and training to us...

Q: What are the re-sale Margins? 

A: Liaison Software Corporation's standard margin is 30% on the SRP of our products. We also have a 15% referral for consultants and Non-Liaison VARs of any accounting or ERP systems.  We do NOT provide referrals fees to employees or buyers of the end-users.

Unless Liaison Software Corporation announces a limited-time sales promotion or authorizes a conditional discount, all of our SRP prices are firm. 
We do NOT nor do we allow VARs to change, increase or undercut the SRP of our products.

Q: Do my customers have a guarantee and/or return period? 

A: Yes.  All of our products comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee commencing from the day the purchased software was sent from our shipping point or electronically sent.  All first-time orders from Resellers are Pre-Paid. Upon establishing and maintaining good credit, all resellers in good-standing receives 30 day Net Terms.

Q: What's included in the (VAR) Reseller Program? 

A:  Additionally each company receives a NFR copy of each product, which can be used in-house for production, demos and or training.  Each company will be required to have an individual who has completed an installation,  training and configuration orientation with one of our tech support personnel. 

The Liaison Software VAR program has an initial cost of $995.00 (USD); however, there is no cost for our 15% referral program. We also have a special NO COST VAR program based sale volume when once attained we refund the initial cost.  

Q: Can Liaison Software Corporation perform a one-on-one or a group presentations for me with my clients?

A: Yes. We are always willing to perform on-line demonstrations of our software for you and your customers/prospects.  We use and have enough licenses for one-on-one or large presentations. Of course we are always cognizant and respectful of the important relationships between and your clients.  Simply give us a call to schedule a demo.

Q: Do you have System Installation and/or Training Available? 

A: Yes.  We use for sales and also in the Technical Support Department.  Aside from demonstrations we use this tool to perform our Reseller training.   Since the launch of our new website, we are currently working on a Video training library for Resellers, End-Users, and internal IT support people.  This library will soon be available from a new option on the Main Menu of our website called: Support.

Give us a call or Request a Demo by choosing the button below!!!


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