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Key feature

Sending high volumes of emails with Office 365 evokes sending limitations. Let Liaison Messenger EDD control the speed in which Office 365 distributes emails, keeping you below the 30 emails per minute limit threshold

If you utilize Office 365 you may have come upon the following issue when sending more than 30 emails per minute.

The following issue/solution is apparent to clients utilizing Office 365 for emailing and distributing a high volume (>30/minute) of invoices, orders, statements, etc.

It has recently been brought to our attention that Office 365 users are limited to sending 30 emails per minute. If the user submits messages at a rate that exceeds the limit, the messages will be rejected with receiving a bounce back message and the client will need to retry.


The italicized sentence above was taken from the following Microsoft post:


Liaison Messenger EDD is a solution to this issue

Liaison Messenger EDD’s email delay feature allows you to slow down the frequency of when emails are sent so it does not exceed 30 emails per minute. By adjusting the highlighted field in the screenshot below you can control the frequency of email distribution, allowing you to adjust it based on speed/specs of the machine Messenger EDD server resides on, which is where the emailing in Liaison Messenger EDD takes place.

The email delay feature highlighted in this screenshot shows how Messenger EDD can "throttle" the speed and frequency emails are fed to Office 365.

Adjust the E-mail delay value based on the machine Liaison Messenger EDD runs on, keeping the # of emails processed through Office 365 below the 30/minute limit.
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