Automated Report &

 Document Distribution

Liaison Messenger
® EDD 3.5

Can you select a printer? Then Liaison Messenger EDD can work for you...





Add advanced report and document distribution to ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, SL, NAVSage Software PFW, 100, 300, 500, X3 ERP, WennSoft, SYSPRO®, BatchMaster,  or your custom in-house system. With Messenger EDD, report and document distribution is a breeze. Just select your ERP system's print/process button and choose the Liaison Messenger EDD printer.

Burst, split, collate, and re-assemble business forms, reports, including giant PDF files generated by legacy systems.

Use Messenger EDD's built-in scripting wizard to create common document processing and distribution scenarios regardless of the system or reporting tool.
Do you have situations where documents and files need to be attached, assembled, or merged into a single file? 

Imagine being able to attach every outstanding invoice to a batch of AR statements and then emailing them to all delinquent customers with no employee intervention.
Email, fax, ftp, archive, encrypt, attach, assemble, and/or print Invoices, AR statements, PO's, financial reports and distribute them; individually or by batch.

With Liaison Messenger EDD, you can even schedule and run Crystal Reports and  SSRS print jobs for unattended off-hours processing.

"If you can print it, you can EDD it..."

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