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Microsoft Dynamics GP/SL/365BC, Sage X3/Intacct, Acumatica, NetSuite
Liaison Messenger EDD 
Automating Business Process, Reporting and Forms Distribution


Issues with Emailing in Dynamics GP < 18.3
Microsoft recently announced that as of October 2022, emailing using basic authentication will no longer be available for clients using Office 365 or Exchange and are running a version of Dynamics GP older than 18.3. 
Liaison Messenger EDD is the solution to this problem for Dynamics GP clients that cannot or choose to not upgrade to the current version.
Emailing with
Office 365

Liaison Messenger EDD allows you to throttle the speed of emails to stay within the Office 365, 30 email per minute threshold.

For more information click here.
Add QR Codes to your business forms, badges, etc.
Use to capture signatures for Proof of Delivery, Quotes, Timesheets, HR docs. etc.


Click or scan to see an example of signature capture!

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For more information or to schedule an on-line demo please reach us at 800.811.4618 x301

What's New...

Our Liaison Messenger family of products

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The ultimate Electronic Document Delivery & Automation server. Our Virtual Printer Technology enables 

any ERP system to create automated distribution routines for any business form or report. Batch email, fax, print, archive with static & variable attachments.
For More information                                      

Logo - Messenger EDD PLUS.png

Extend the workflow capabilities of Liaison Messenger EDD with PLUS. Automatically trigger SSRS and Crystal

Reports, with fields from printed forms, passed as parameters. Add QR Codes to any form. Enable 2-Factor Authentication for extra emailed security.

For More information

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A complimentary product to Liaison Messenger EDD users who also run Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, Liaison

Collector allows you to monitor and automate AR Statement distribution, 24/7. Send friendly reminders the day a customer goes past-due, helping you streamline receivables and increase cash flow.    For More information

Logo - Messenger FORM.png

Batch send and distribute all, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL & Sage PFW, business forms. Start 

batch Emailing, Faxing, Multiple-Printer Routing and Archiving of all customer/vendor facing documents. Save time/money by eliminating postage, envelopes and expensive pre-printed forms.        For More information

Logo - Messenger DD.png

Liaison Messenger Direct Deposit offers the same functionality as Messenger EDD but is a one script version

specifically used for distributing Direct Deposit Statements. Batch emailing, batch faxing, built-in archiving along with static & variable attachments.

For More information

Logo - Messenger EFT.png

Liaison Messenger EFT offers the same functionality as Messenger EDD but is a one script version specifically used

for distributing EFT remittances. Batch emailing, batch faxing, built-in archiving along with static & variable attachments.     For More information

Logo - Messenger ETL +.png

Messenger ETL is a tool that allows you to create workflow scripts around data changing in your ERP. Designed 

for cloud based solutions through web services but can also benefit on-premise ERP solutions through scheduled SQL views.
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